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Welcome To the Rent Cafe Portal for The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority 

See below for open waiting lists. To apply, click “Applicant Login” at the top of this page and create a MPHA Portal account, with a username and password. Complete the application, select waiting lists and submit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, so you know we received your application. Your application will be reviewed for eligibility, and you will receive a 2nd email when your application is added to the waiting list, or an e-mail indicating why it was not added. You will periodically be required to update your information to remain on the waiting list. You will be notified via email (to the email address you used to apply). It is important that you check your email and follow the instructions timely. Questions? Call 612-342-1390/612-342-1491 or email us [email protected] 

Low Income Family Housing  - Closed 

MPHA’s family housing units are for low-income families with at least one dependent. A dependent is a minor child or a disabled person. These waiting lists are for units owned and/or managed by MPHA and MHOP units that are outside of Minneapolis. The family housing portfolio is a mix of single-family homes, town homes, duplexes, and other multi-family units that range from 2-5 bedrooms. Applicants will be selected for the waiting lists by lottery, not all applicants will be selected for the waiting lists. 


2 Bedroom Wait List – Closed 

3 Bedroom Wait List – Closed

4 Bedroom Wait List – Closed

5 Bedroom Wait List – Closed


Public Housing Income Limits 

Persons in Family     Gross Household Income 

2                                           $62,800  

3                                           $71,950 

4                                           $79,900 

5                                           $86,300 

6                                           $92,700 

7                                           $99,100 

8                                          $105,500 

Applicants must be income eligible and qualify for at least one preference option. 


Housing Choice Voucher – Closed  


Low Income Public Housing (Highrise) 

The following waiting lists are for MPHA’s studio and one-bedroom high rise apartment units located throughout Minneapolis. 


Near Elderly - Open 

This waiting list is for 1-2 person households with a head of household 50-61 years old. Copies of your photo ID and Social Security card will be requested after your pre-application is submitted. 


Elderly – Open 

This waiting list is for 1-2 person households with a head of household 62 years old and up. Elderly applicants will be invited to complete a full intake application upon verification of the pre-application information.  


Disabled Open 

This waiting list is for 1-2 person households with a disabled head of household or co-head. 

If you are disabled, you must provide proof of your disability (such as receiving Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Income). If you are applying as a disabled individual and are not receiving SSI Disability Income, you must provide a Request for Medical Information Form completed by your physician. Supporting documents will be requested after your pre-application is submitted to MPHA. 

Pre-applications for these three lists are not currently available online, but can be completed at MPHA's main office located at 1001 Washington Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55401. Or you may request a pre-application by email [email protected]